Add A Guest

Members or Tenants occupying homes in Emerald Bay, or owners of unimproved property, located in Emerald Bay may invite guests. All guests must be called-in prior to admittance, with no exception.

You may register your guests by clicking here.

Guests will be admitted into Emerald Bay upon notification being given by the member or approved tenant to the Main Gate in writing, by telephone or online and by specifying their code number IN ADVANCE of the expected arrival of the guest(s).

A daily vehicle pass, valid only for the date stamped thereon, will be issued to the guest and such pass must be displayed on the guests’ vehicle rear view mirror or dashboard at all times.

Guests must be hosted in the common areas at all times. The Member is ultimately responsible for the conduct of their guests.

Admission of groups of more than 20 non-resident guests require prior approval by submitting a party request form to the Emerald Bay Office here.

Please inform your guests of summer parking rules. Between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day, 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. colored curb parking is restricted to vehicles with the appropriate color decals. A map can be found here. Due to the extremely limited opportunities for guest beach parking during summer weekends, guests are urged to park at their host’s home and/or on the inland side of the tunnel.

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